Puhoi Pub Breakfast

10am – 12pm

Bacon & Eggs w toasted ciabatta


Creamy Mushrooms on toasted ciabatta (V)


Puhoi Pub Big Breakfast w bacon, sausages, tomato, mushrooms, bake beans, fried eggs, fires & toasted ciabatta


Sweet Corn Fritter Stack w bacon, egg, hollandaise, sweet chilli & sour cream


Blueberry & Banana pancake stack w maple syrup & cream


Breakast Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand

Small Plates

Basket of seasoned fried w gravy (optional)


Tub of fries (for one)


Gari Pizza Bread


Loaded Seasoned Potato Wedges w bacon, cheese, sour cream,  & sweet chili


Szechwan Calamari w fennel, cucumber, salad & sesame mayo


Puhoi Salad (VG)


Southern Style Chicken Wings w choice of Katsu or Texas hot sauce


Toasted Sandwich (Choice of up to three fillings)

$8 or $12 with fries

Mussel Fritter Sandwich


Small Plates Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand
Burgers in Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand
Pizza in Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand


(Served with fries, GF bun add $2)

Cheeseburger w lettuce, tomato & pickles


Grilled Chicken w slaw & siracha mayo


Works w bacon, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato and beetroot

(Medium to thin base)

Cheese & Tomato


Three Cheese




Meat Lovers


Smoked Chicken & Avocado



Large Plates

Curry of The Day w basmati rice & garlic bread


Steak w fried, Puhoi side salad & choice of either mushroom sauce or garlic butter


Vegetarian Lasagne w bechamel & grilled cheese, served with Puhoi salad (V)


Beer Battered Market Fresh Fish w fried & Puhoi side garden salad


Seafood Chowder w garlic bread


Delicious food in Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand


Ice Cream Sundae (Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel)


Dessert of the Day (see blackboard for daily specials)



Chefs Mixed Platter w battered fish bites, crumbed squid rings, chicken wings, Katsu sauce, tartare & chips


Puhoi Platter w samosa’s, spring rolls, chicken wings, seasoned potato wedges & sweet chili sauce


Cheese Platter w assortment of Puhoi cheeses, relish & crackers (suitable for 2 people)  


Food in Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand
Dessert in Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand