Puhoi Pub Breakfast

10am – 12pm

Bacon & Eggs w toasted ciabatta


Creamy Mushrooms on toasted ciabatta (V)


Puhoi Pub Big Breakfast w bacon, sausages, tomato, mushrooms, bake beans, fried eggs, fires & toasted ciabatta


Sweet Corn Fritter Stack w bacon, egg, hollandaise, sweet chilli & sour cream


Blueberry & Banana pancake stack w maple syrup & cream


Breakast Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand

Small Plates

Basket of seasoned fried w gravy (optional)


Tub of fries (for one)


Gari Pizza Bread


Loaded Seasoned Potato Wedges w bacon, cheese, sour cream,  & sweet chili


Szechwan Calamari w fennel, cucumber, salad & sesame mayo


Puhoi Salad (VG)


Southern Style Chicken Wings w choice of Katsu or Texas hot sauce


Toasted Sandwich (Choice of up to three fillings)

$8 or $12 with fries

Mussel Fritter Sandwich



(Served with fries, GF bun add $2)

Cheeseburger w lettuce, tomato & pickles


Grilled Chicken w slaw & siracha mayo


Works w bacon, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato and beetroot

(Medium to thin base)

Cheese & Tomato


Three Cheese




Meat Lovers


Smoked Chicken & Avocado



Large Plates

Curry of The Day w basmati rice & garlic bread


Steak w fried, Puhoi side salad & choice of either mushroom sauce or garlic butter


Vegetarian Lasagne w bechamel & grilled cheese, served with Puhoi salad (V)


Beer Battered Market Fresh Fish w fried & Puhoi side garden salad


Seafood Chowder w garlic bread


Delicious food in Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand


Ice Cream Sundae (Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel)


Dessert of the Day (see blackboard for daily specials)



Chefs Mixed Platter w battered fish bites, crumbed squid rings, chicken wings, Katsu sauce, tartare & chips


Puhoi Platter w samosa’s, spring rolls, chicken wings, seasoned potato wedges & sweet chili sauce


Cheese Platter w assortment of Puhoi cheeses, relish & crackers (suitable for 2 people)  


Food in Puhoi Pub and Hotel New Zealand